Weeks after News has flooded on social media about how Stonebwoy alleges to have Punched Sarkodie’s manager Angel Town in the eye which landed him in the hospital due to a fracas between the two, Stonebwoy for the first time utter deep into the whole Saga.


In an interview , Stonebwoy said Sarkodie knows from the part of the story, and how it happened, he should had acted better right on the night. “He(Sarkodie) gave me the disrespect of my life.

Let’s give respect, and get respect, i have been through too many things, and am still going through a lot, and will still go through a lot of crosses , we all learn through our mistakes and grows, what is life without lessons or tribulations.

I did non of the things that was speculating on the media. Shatta wale finish performing and even came to me, and asked me about what is going on, but it was speculated in the media that i was jealous because Wale performed before me, that’s all lies.

I wouldn’t live Togo if it was not for Sarkodie,s virtual concert. Sarkodie reported me to the police, and because nobody is talking about it, it making it sound like am just some lil boy who had nothing to do and run to Sarkodie,s show just to meet him, that’s what has been painted in the media.” ..STONEBWOY sadly said!


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