Ending of September, While driving through traffic two street hawkers (Kessben and Tukay Teldem) approached Nana Aba and asked to take a selfie with her.

The renowned broadcaster granted their request and took selfies with them. The street hawkers went on to praise her for the car she was driving.

In the course of them praising her, one of the hawkers (Tukay Teldem) went on to shower more praises on Nana Aba for how well she speaks English.

He also indicated that it was his dream to become a journalist but he was unable to continue his education due to financial issues. Nana Aba then asked them to come to her office at GhOne TV for a proper conversation.

During the discussion when they visited Nana Aba, ‘ɛbɛtɔ da’ (A-day-will-come), who was the most vocal among the two, explained that he had to quit schooling as a result of financial difficulty. He however emphasized his love for the media and journalism once again. Nana Aba assured him of doing her best for him.

Nothing was heard from them again. But then from nowhere came a short documentary of the young man, narrating his story and how through Nana Aba Anamoah, he has been able to get an opportunity to work at Agoo Tv. Watch the life changing documentary below,


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