On Monday the Kasoa Peace Town Top Hill Down polling station was closed down by the officials of the Electoral Commission after gun-wielding men stormed the premises.

Some armed men of the MP numbering about 15 arrived at the registration centre around 8 am and tried to sack some prospective voters.

The NDC Parliamentary Candidate Naa Koryoo Okunor then accused the sitting MP of being the mastermind.

Meanwhile, the police say four persons have been arrested in connection with the incident

Hawa speaking to Adom TV said she went to the centre with some men but none of them was armed.

“I went to the registration centre with some men but none of them was armed. I was the one who fired the warning shots because I had my gun with me. My bodyguard was not around and when we got there, I saw some men on motorbikes at the centre who looked to be disrupting the process, I complained and they were coming close to me and my men, so I felt threatened and fire the warning shots to disperse them, I never aimed at anyone”.

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