We all know the beef between singer Sister Afia and the female rap queen Eno Barony became very heated and fun which got a lot of Ghanaians talking.

Freda Rhymz

Everything was going on well, then out of the blues, another female rapper, Freda Rhymz came out with a diss track directed to Sista Afia, titled KMT.

Sista Afia

It seems this time around Freda Rhymz has taken to her social media to smoke the peace pipe with Sista Afia.

Apologize notice to Sista Afia from Freda Rhymz…. One love and Peace

But there is a great news about the two Female Musicians, the two are planning off to release a new song together. Let’s anticipate for this collaboration between Freda Rhymz and Sista Afia soon.

Freda Rhymz X Sista Afia

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