Ghanaian rapper, Joey B has disclosed the reason why he has been absent from some shows he’s been billed to perform at.

According to the “Tonga” hitmaker, he has been battling Asthma since 2018, however, his condition has worsened in the past year and he’s been having attacks upon attacks.

“Where do i start… so the past few years i’ve been fighting this Asthma thing. got really serious in 2018 but somehow i’ve been thuggin it out. as of last year till date its been constant asthma attacks due to weather change or excessive dust in Ghana,” he tweeted, Saturday, January 5.

The recent event was “Outmosphere,” and his absence at the show brought him to Twitter trends as he was chastised by patrons of the event who were dying to see him perform.

Joey states that all though the narrative out there is that he’s been “pompous” and failing to show up at events, that is not the case.

“I have still performed in this condition and exuded rage/energy on stage. I will not deliberately take monies and not deliver as expected. i did not no show an event because i think i’m drake. free events sef, I still show love how much more paid ones,” he added.

“I’ve kept these attacks private as I don’t want it as an excuse for not dropping music or seeking sympathy. but where it catch, image tarnishing come inside and i have to let y’all know whats been up,” he stated.

“My condition was communicated to the event organizers quite last minute as i thought i could push through but it over me kraa. please dont push a narrative for likes or engagements. I’ll def make it up to you when I’ve fully recovered,” he concluded.

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