Mr. Ghanim Al Muftah is a 20year old twin brother born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, a rare disorder that impairs the development of the lower spine. Given very few chances of survival by doctors, Ghanim has managed to live beyond his fifteen years.

His story has served to amaze and inspire people by being a prominent and exceptional example for the youth and disabled people across the world. Ghanim owes much of his success to his parents who have been an unfaltering influence on his positive development with their insistence that Ghanim leads a normal life, beyond the confines of his incapacity.

On yearly basis, Ghanim receives expert surgical care in Europe. He is Qatar’s youngest entrepreneur, having founded Gharissa Ice Cream, a company that has 6 branches and hires 60 employees.

Fearless, he has publicly voiced his intention to climb Mount Everest. With over 1 million followers on Instagram, Al-Muftah aims to study Political Science at university, with the goal of becoming a future Prime Minister of Qatar.

At the Opening ceremony of Qatar 2022 World cup, he shared a stage with Hollywood star, Morgan Freeman as both engaged in interesting dialogue on humanity.

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