The ex-husband of gospel musician Obaapa Christy says he has not received any financial benefits from his role in some of the musician’s works.

Pastor Love Kweku Hammond insists that even though he wrote eight of the musician’s songs, no profits have come to him.

“I think I wrote 8 songs for my [ex] wife,” he said, adding that the structures back then were not favourable in tracking revenues.

He was speaking to Afia Tamakloe on the M’ahyease TV show.

“I can say that at that time, music wasn’t fetching money. We were not making money at that time. We gave the song to someone to produce it, the reason we didn’t make money They say there is something called royalties but nothing came out of it. There was no money,” he said.

According to Pastor Love, his prowess in songwriting helped catapult his former wife, then-Christiana Love, into the stellar career she has seen so far.

The duo has been apart for about 11 years.

However, Pastor Love says he has about four artistes he is currently working with to help promote in the music scene.

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