Controversial radio presenter, Blakk Rasta, has called for the castigation of Kwame Owusu Fordjour, popularly known as Dr UN, to stop. He argued that even though his methods were unethical, Dr UN had good intentions for planning the ‘fake’ award scheme.

Blakk Rasta, who previously confirmed Dr UN’s educational history, says Ghanaians should support Dr UN to legitimize his enterprise.

“What we have to do is to support him to do it better another time. He made one mistake, then you say, oh, cut him off and take him away. He had good intentions for the thing. According to what he said, he did it to honour Kofi Annan. As to whether he said that the awards were UN Awards, I do not know about that”, Blakk Rast told HitzFM.

Blakk Rasta also acknowledged that lying about the origin of the awards and attributing it to the UN was wrong. But he believes Dr UN has learnt his lesson and will do better next time.

“He said he did it to honour Kofi Annan, who he has met a number of times. So I think people should just sit with him and encourage him to do the right thing. He had good intentions, and he gave people awards. But he needs some kind of authenticity.

“Now I think he has learnt his lesson and made his name. He doesn’t need to put the UN in there anymore.”

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