That Parlux pack is still going up for JAY-Z. In late 2021, HOV won a legal battle with Parlux Fragrances resulting in $4 million in royalties. Now, the company has to give the “GOD DID” rapper another $7 million.

Thursday, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Andrew Borrok found that the global perfume company owed $6.78 million in royalties to the 52-year-old rapper, plus interest. “We’ve been awarded and will be receiving the money as we should,” Jay-Z’s lawyer Alex Spiro told the New York Post. But Parlux has already filed an appeal.

Jay-Z and Parlux partnered in 2013 to promote “Gold Jay-Z” cologne. However, the manufacturer sued Jay-Z for $68 million three years later. The company alleged that his refusal to make public appearances with the cologne or attend internal meetings tanked “the emerging brand…all the while collecting a handsome guaranteed minimum royalty as well as Perfumania common stock.”

In return, Jay-Z countersued and took Parlux to court for $4.5 million in royalties. He contended the company failed to provide his team with the numbers, resources, business plans, and due royalties to smartly proceed.

Furthermore, Donald Loftus, the ex-CEO of Parlux, was called in to testify in the case. But Loftus asked to give his statements remotely, citing fear of COVID-19 and health issues. So Jay-Z hired a private investigator, whose findings showed otherwise.

“Despite Mr. Loftus and plaintiffs’ counsel’s misrepresentations otherwise, the pandemic has not proven exceptional for Mr. Loftus, who is living his life as if it is 2019,” Spiro wrote in the filing obtained last year by Rolling Stone. “Covid-19 has not stopped Mr. Loftus from participating in any activities similar to, or more risky than, attending an in-person trial around other socially-distanced, masked individuals.”

According to the New York Post, the company owes $6.78 million in unpaid royalties and interest for his JAY Z Gold fragrance.

“We’ve been awarded and will be receiving the money as we should,” Hov’s lawyer Alex Spiro said to The Post.

Parlux has plans to appeal the decision.

Previously, JAY-Z was cleared by a Manhattan jury against claims of breach of contract in an endorsement deal for the “JAY-Z Gold” cologne. Parlux stated HOV failed to properly promote the fragrance and was seeking $67 million in damages.

The jury found Jigga not guilty, impacted by his argument of “why on earth” would Hov put his name on a project just for it to fail.

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