Popular drama evangelist, Mike Bamiloye has said anyone who goes to hell because of a fake pastor should blame themselves.

According to the clergyman who took to his Instagram page to say this on Thursday, June 30, there are many fake things in the world right now so it’s not out of place for fake pastors to exist.

According to him, there’s no need to be disturbed by such pastors because Jesus Christ himself stated that many false prophets would arise and do stunning miracles.

Clergyman, Mike Bamiloye

The actor further stated that anyone who gets scammed, defrauded or deceived by a fake pastor should blame themselves.

Read his full post below,

Sir, why are you so worried about Fake Pastors?
Why all the fusses?
Why all the screams about fake Pastors and Ministers of God?
Why are you so surprised?
Is it something so strange?
Are there no Fake Doctors?
Fake Lawyers?
Fake Physicians?
Fake beauties of Fake Ladies?
There is a man who dresses like a lady and if you were not informed, you would be absolutely convinced he is a lady. And he is being celebrated by many people.
There are Fake Breasts,
Fake long hair,
Fake set of Dentures,
Fake nose of Michael Jackson and Fake Eyes.
There are Fake Men you would think are ladies and Fake Ladies you would think are Men.
You watch Movies and you cry because somebody died in the movie.
Did he died for real?
You watch Movie and you become emotional, was it a Reality Show?
Fake Tyres.
Fake toothpastes.
There are big toys that look like human being and someone once’s got married to his Toy Wife.
And News carried it celebratedly.
THERE WAS A FAKE DISCIPLE OF JESUS CALLED JUDAS ISCARIOT. He followed the Lord for Three and half Years stealing from the purse and ending up Selling his Master for N30,000.
Sir, so
Why are you so worried about Fake Pastors as if they were the First to be Fake in our Society.
Even Jesus Christ had said many would come in His name lying that they are the Messiah, performing astonishing wonders and miracles.
If you get confused by the Fake Pastors, it is your fault.
If you get distracted by the Fake Pastors, it is your fault,
If you are duped and scammed by The Fake Pastors it is your Fault.

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