A native doctor has been applauded for calling the police to swoop on a man who brought his beautiful daughter to him to be killed and sacrificed to the gods to be rich overnight.

The juju man feigned interest in the ‘deal’ but secretly called the police when he was alone and told them about the diabolical act of the man.

In his words, the suspect whose name was given as Evans Oppong said he is not making any headway in life despite staying abroad for a long time and since he has 12 kids, he wanted to sacrifice two to set him on the path of riches.

The herbalist said he was once a military man and because he does not condone evil, his instinct told him to act fast which he did. We originally sighted the video on Chris Vincent’s AGYAPONG Facebook page.

He shared the story and added this caption;

“Believing in nonsense without evidence—from big God to small God leads to things like this!

When people say allow people to believe in whatever they want, I tell them that if beliefs were held in abstract, I wouldn’t bother challenging absurd beliefs of people.

But people don’t just believe, they go on to manifest their beliefs—or practice them. And this is exactly what is happening here.

This man believes, without evidence, that killing his daughters would make him rich. And he went on to put his belief into action.”

Watch the video below;

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