How Husband Kisses Wife Before She D!es While Giving Birth, Dedicates His Life To Raising Their Quadruplets – Video. Bringing a new life into this world is one of the most cherishing experiences ever, and every parent would have their expectations of how their child would look like. That was the same feeling that Carlos and Erica had when they knew they were going to be parents. Carlos met Erica at a nightclub in Arizona and they instantly managed to strike a connection even though Carlos didn’t speak English and Erica couldn’t understand Spanish.

But Carlos wouldn’t want to let go of the opportunity and asked Erica if she wanted to dance with him, and she agreed. After dancing all night, the next morning, Carlos wrote down his number on a piece of paper and gave it to Erica which she later misplaced. So just as anyone would have thought, the pair never got to see each other again.

But fate played its game in their story, and sometime later, they met each other through some of their mutual friends, and this time Carlos would not want to take any chance. He asked her out, and they started dating. Things were going great between them, and in 2007, they got married in Las Vegas. Now Carlos learned English, and Erica understood Spanish. After marriage, just as any other couple

would do, Carlos and Erica started to discuss starting a family and agreed that they wanted to have kids. The first time they tried, Erica sufered a mi-carriage but, they tried again, and through IVF treatment, she got pregnant again. What surprised them was when they went for an ultrasound, the doctor told them that Erica was expecting quadruplets. Although this sounded challenging, the couple were thrilled to meet their kids and even decided on the names. During her pregnancy, Carlos did everything he could to make Erica feel better and managed to take care of the chores at the house while juggling his job.

A few days later, Erica’s BP suddenly increased, and she had to be taken to the hospital. The doctors wanted her to deliver her babies as early as possible. Carlos quickly left to hospital from his office, and the doctors told him that Erica had many contractions owing to which she had to deliver quickly. Just before she got into the operating room, the couple managed to spend some time together and even clicked pictures.

Husband Kisses Wife Before She D!es
Husband Kisses Wife Before She D!es

The alarm clock suddenly started sounding off, and the doctors asked Carlos to leave the room. Erica lost her life. She never got to hold her babies. Carlos never knew that would have been the last time he’d see his wife. In a conversation with PEOPLE, Carlos said that he still remembers how Erica squeezed his hand. While sorrowing his wife’s loss, Carlos also said that the one thing that keeps him going is his kids. They give him a reason to not give up. Despite the hard-time of being a single parent, Carlos tried his best to take care of his children.

Husband Kisses Wife Before She D!es
Husband Kisses Wife Before She D!es

From learning CPR or bathing the kids together, he was so determined. Even his family and friends were very supportive. One of his friends set up a GoFundMe page for him since it would be hard for a middle-class parent to be able to raise four children with a single source of income. They were able to raise about $486,000. Carlos’s mother, Sondra, thanked the public for pouring in their support for her son. While Carlos is doing his best to give his kids a good life; he knows that Erica is looking down on him and the kids from heaven and must be so proud of their kids.

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