Friends you should never make in your life? Some people believe friendships are way more important than a relationship. That you can get by without a boyfriend or girlfriend, but not without a friend. We don’t expect much from a friend, just so Some people believe friendships are way more important than a relationship.

That you can get by without a boyfriend or girlfriend, but not without a friend. We don’t expect much from a friend, just someone who will always be there for us, through the good and bad. Someone to share things with, to confide in, to hug, and more importantly – to love. But finding a true friend isn’t always that easy. People will enter your life and disappear, but it’s the ones who stay by your side despite everything that you should always hold onto.

Friends you should never make in your life
Friends You Should Never Make In Your Life

There are friends who completely change your life for the better, and there are those who only bring you down. Sometimes we fail to recognize a toxic friendship because we still cling onto the memories we have with that person. Maybe you should reflect on the friendships you have and decide whether you really need that person in your life. If they aren’t contributing anything positive, then it might be best to say goodbye for good. Here are friends you should never make in your life.

Friends Who Take You For Granted

You may consider them a ‘friend’ but are they a true friend if they enter and exit your life as they please? Sometimes we get too comfortable and take our friendships for granted but that’s really no excuse. You go out of your way to help them time and time again, you give them everything, but still get nothing back. They don’t appreciate what you do for them, but above all they do not value your friendship.

Friends you should never make in your life

This is the same friend who never returns the favor and is almost never around when you need them. A friendship should be mutual, not one-sided, otherwise it’s just never going to work. You can’t be happy with a friend who takes you for granted. So although it may be difficult, and even though you still love them, it’s best to let this one go. They are simply not worth your time. It won’t take them long to realize just what they have lost.

Friends Who Lie

A friend who lies to your face is an enemy in disguise. When a friend tells a lie it’s really difficult to trust them again, even if they had good intentions. When we look for a friend we want someone who will always tell us the truth no matter what. Someone who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, even if it’s not something we want to hear. Sometimes that’s exactly what we need.

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What we don’t need, however, is a friend who tells us a blatant lie. The worst part is them thinking they can get away with the lies, and treating you as if you are stupid and won’t see straight through it. This friend will never learn their lesson and neither will they ever change, no matter how many chances you give them. If they really cared about your friendship, they would be honest, because you are worth the truth even if they can’t see it.

Friends Who Ignore You

A friend will always have time for you. Even if they are the busiest person in the world, with a thousand other things to do, they will still make time for you. If someone is ignoring your texts and calls and never makes any effort to see how you are doing, it’s because you’re not one of their priorities.

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If they cared about you the same way that you care about them, they wouldn’t be ignoring you. Ignoring someone can really hurt them, and make them think that they’ve done something wrong. And more importantly, if they don’t make any effort to be in your life, you shouldn’t try and be in theirs. It can be really hard to let go of a friendship that once meant so much to you, but sometimes two people drift apart with no explanation, and if that happens it’s best to let go before you get hurt.

Friends Who Are Unsympathetic

A person who is unsympathetic is a person you don’t want to be friends with. People who lack sympathy are often self-absorbed and can’t see past their own problems. They are often unwilling to recognize others feelings and emotions, and therefore they cannot feel empathy towards anyone. It’s very difficult to be around these kinds of people, especially when you’re going through a hard time.

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We expect a friend to be there for us when something goes wrong to offer a shoulder or a few words of comfort. But this friend doesn’t show any sympathy, instead they act like they genuinely do not care. They don’t offer you any support but are quick to point out mistakes you have made in the past. This person loves themselves so much that they don’t have space in their heart to love or care about anyone else. In turn, this friendship is never going to work out.

Friends Who Get Jealous

Friends don’t get jealous of each other, they celebrate together. If your friend achieves something and is proud of themselves for it, it’s only natural for that happiness to rub off on you. A true friend will show their encouragement and say things like ‘I’m proud of you’ and ‘well done.’ If your friend isn’t happy for you, or makes no comment, they probably don’t care about you as much as you thought.

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Your friend should congratulate you on a new job or new relationship not turn their back on you. It’s quite normal to feel competitive, and it can even be motivational, but when it turns into spite and jealousy the friendship can become toxic. Maybe your ‘friend’ is just waiting for you to fall down. If you have to think twice before telling them about your success, then that’s an obvious sign that they are not a good friend.

Friends Who Are Negative

We’re not talking about someone who has depression, because that’s an illness that can’t be helped, and if your friend is suffering then by all means you should do everything to help them. We’re talking about someone who has a negative outlook on life. It’s very exhausting to be around someone who is always complaining; when you spend too much time around them it’s inevitable that their mood will brush off on you.

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You’ll find yourself feeling unhappier every time you see them, and that’s not how you should feel when hanging out with a friend. This one is tough, because although they haven’t really done anything wrong, you know that cutting them out of your life is a good decision. From a selfish point of view, you have to put yourself first, even if that means upsetting them. No one is more important than your mental health, and the sooner you end the friendship the better your life will be.

The ones who remind you of your past errors

While friends should tell us hard truths, they shouldn’t constantly bring up the past errors that we are trying to bury.

A friend who always haunt you with your mistakes isn’t a true friend.

The ones who hoard information from you

Friends can help you to progress in life in ways you can never imagine. Information is crucial to progress.

You’re where you are today because of the information you had access to and utilized. And the only thing between where you are now and where you want to be is information.

If your friends keep away from you information that can better your life, please keep them at arm’s length. They’re not your friends. True friends are interested in your progress.

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The ones who cannot keep your secret(s)

Friends protect and defend us when we mess up. They sometimes even clean up our mess. This they do without broadcasting it to the public.

Friends keep your secrets and never share them with a soul. True friends are faithful. They can be trusted with your deepest secrets. Don’t make someone who cannot keep your secrets your friend.

The ones who are not loyal

Loyalty is a great symbol of friendship. True friends are loyal to you no matter what. They are ever for you. They stick with you no matter the situation. They do not sit on the fence. They are with you for real.

True friends will never betray you because they are loyal.

Friends Who You Don’t Trust

Trust can take years to build but it can take only seconds to be destroyed. If your friend lets you down too often or lies to your face, it’s not unusual to distrust them. You need to be able to rely on your friend and above all you need to believe that you can tell them something in secret without it going any further.

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You need to be able to be yourself and say whatever it is on your mind. None of us are perfect, so sure, there will be times when we let down the ones we love. But it’s then up to us to do everything we can to make it up to that person, to regain their trust. If your friend has a history of telling lies or talking negatively about others, they shouldn’t be trusted at all. Friendships are built on trust, without it you’ve got nothing.

Those who are ashamed of you

True friends are proud to be associated with you. They are not ashamed to be identified with you even if you are not the most beautiful, the richest, famous, or whatever it is people like to show off their friends for. Friends you should never make in your life?

True friends love you for who you are and not for what you have. While it’s good to stay away from these types of friends, you need to ask yourself if you’re not any of these types of friends to your friends as well.

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