Nollywood actress, Monalisa Stephen, has revealed that she prefers dating men who are 60 years and above.

Speaking in an interview with DailySun, the plus-sized model said if she eventually decides to get married, she would love to marry an older man.

She also disclosed that she doesn’t intend to bear children of her own and plans to go through the adoption route.

She said,

“Everyone knows that I have always liked older men. I use to be ashamed to say it but now, I can say it with my full chest. I love dating older men. And yes, men in their 60s and above. And if I ever consider marriage, I’ll end up with men in that age bracket.

I just want to be with someone and we enjoy life together. He doesn’t have to put a ring on it to prove his love. Marriage is overrated. I also don’t want to have kids; I want to adopt kids. A lot of kids are out there who don’t have homes. I want to give them homes and let them know how it feels to have mums and families.”

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