Moesha Buduong has penned an apology message to actress and lawyer Sandra Ankobiah for peddling falsehoods about her relationship in the past..

According to the content of the message, Moesha admitted to dragging Sandra in the mud by alleging that she had a boyfriend who was into drugs.

A few months ago, a brother to Moesha had come out to say her sister had been spreading lies about Sandra Ankobiah and her rich boyfriend. The lies had it that the guy Sandra was going out with at the time was a drug dealer.

According to his account, Sandra Ankobiah was also implicated in the drug controversy which had allegedly made her rich just like her boyfriend.

However, Moesha in trying to make peace with her past has decided to open up to Sandra Ankobiah about the truth. She has admitted to spreading those lies and has accepted that she lied.

“Sandra, I am very sorry for telling people that you had a boyfriend that was in jail for drugs and I also heard it from people and I never said it to make you look bad,” Moesha wrote.

Moesha added that she was just following the norm in the industry where people laughed at each other and drag one another. According to her, Sandra also trolled her in the past and rubbished her choice of fashion.

“Everyone talks about everyone in our industry and I know you’ve also spoken about me and laughed at my fake designers and I know you love me because God brought you into my life,” Moesha added.

Then, Moesha said she believes Sandra would finally settle down after dating many men for money. She asserted that Sandra would find love with her uncle and both would live happily ever after.

The interesting aspect of her message has to do with her concession that both herself and Sandra used to date men for money and she has been inspired to teach prostitutes or sex workers alternative, yet legitimate means of making money.

“You will go back being a lawyer and you will defend prisoners…I will pray to God to protect your marriage and God will provide you and my uncle…I will help many prostitutes to find jobs and they will love us because we both date men for money,” she wrote.


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