Stonebwoy, the dancehall singer, has just gone on a rampage criticizing African leaders.

He expresses his surprise that there are constantly money-collecting activities but that the degree of progress does not correspond to the amount of money received from residents.

Stonebwoy is concerned that Africa has remained impoverished and underdeveloped for so long.

He’s also concerned that the people have no hope of salvation.

Stonebwoy expresses alarm in a recent tweet about the rise in gasoline prices, saying that leaders who are expected to guarantee that people’s standard of life is improved are instead using coupons for their fuel.

As a result, they are unaffected by the spike in gasoline prices that residents are experiencing.

Fuel prices in Ghana have been raised multiple times this year, despite the fact that the year 2022 is only a month and a half old.

The concerning trend has resulted in a rise in transportation prices, which has had a broad impact on products and services.

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