Stonebwoy has affirmed the prospect of numerous with a tweet regarding how quick January has moved and has been tossed a challenge by GHAMRO’s Rex Omar to advance the outfit after expanded eminences.

Stonebwoy AKA 1GAD

As per him, in spite of the famous thought that January is a month that doesn’t move quick, the current year’s January is really moving quick.

He added that we just passed first January and presently we have gone through about fourteen days recommending that it is truly moving quick and he made this post on his checked web-based media handle on the famous web-based media stage, Twitter.

The post he made peruses;

This years January has actually moved fast
Only 2weeks left.
is this not impressive ?
or its just me..”

Some reactions the post got are;

@Kingsugarrr – Oh yeah true , but ego start dey dey slow on the 3rd week

@NaaAgmorshieley – I told my mum today that this January is just running …I thought I was the only person thinking that …oo

@fauzym12 – Most people are not broke this January
What is happening

@Aaretobi – Its about to become slow. This is the time the 5th week will be added.

@AnjockumElijah – If you have money, your January will move fast
If you don’t have money, your January will move slow.

@BhimBa_Wizzy – Just u boss. Far that long time now we pass half of it

Moreover, the Leader of the Ghana Music Freedoms Association (GHAMRO), Rex Omar has tossed a test to the dancehall artist, Livingstone Etse Satekla, notable as Stonebwoy to advance crafted by the association.

Rex Omar

Talking in a meeting with Sledge Nti on Unadulterated FM, Rex Omar suggested that most artists will get additional incomes from their melodies from the association than they have as of now gotten and since Stonebwoy had vowed to advance crafted by GHAMRO should the right strategies be set up, he is trying him to respect his assertion.

This was after Stonebwoy told Ghana’s Official to the UK, Father Owusu Ankomah that he had just gotten a measure of GHc2000 as eminences from GHAMRO in the wake of marking with them for quite a long time.

Stonebwoy likewise educated the Chief that he had paid a concession in sovereignties to Ghana since the start of his profession.

Indeed, Rex Omar, the President has implied that artists will get preferred eminences over they have as of now gotten, thus Stonebwoy needs to respect his words by advancing crafted by GHAMRO as he guaranteed. He guarantees that a portion of the sovereignties must be divided between different artists all together not to stick their framework with various grumblings.

In response to that, Stonebwoy properly acknowledged the demand tossed to him by Rex Omar, saying it is an extraordinary advance taken by the association to accomplish more.

He composed; Properly Acknowledged As Guaranteed.. without a doubt What I simply rec’d now is 4times better than whatever I initially rec’d from @Ghamro_official for every one of my fills in as sovereignties. This is an Incredible positive development and there’s something else to do. Esp. Wanting to see connected eminence proclamations soon.

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