Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has scrutinized a specialist of murkiness how he/she will feel seeing his G Joint 77 back to his camp as an assailant as he responds to a post of them together.

Joint 77 is a previous aggressor who left the camp of Shatta Wale under extremely awful conditions however per the post of the SM chief, it was because of what a specialist of murkiness said or did that caused their division.

Responding to a new post of himself and Joint 77, Shatta Wale requested this specialist from dimness how he/she will feel assuming his G Joint 77 returns to his camp as an aggressor failing to remember all that happened to them previously.

As indicated by him, you can f00l individuals now and again yet you can’t f00l them each time since his folks know he’s genuine and he doesn’t lie however these specialists of dimness come and separate them generally.

Shatta Wale then, at that point, contemplated whether the specialist of haziness isn’t embarrassed on the grounds that now it seems Joint 77 is knowing reality with regards to what caused their division and the chance of seeing him join the SM bunch and become an assailant again is extremely high.

Screen capture beneath

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