“Money King” (Video) Shatta Wale makes Akuampem Poloo and her son happy by dashing them Bundle Of Money.

The New year begun for Akuapem Poloo on a brighter note with Shatta Wale putting a huge smile on her face. 

The actress and her son met the Dancehall musician and she just couldn’t hide her joy.

The Acclaimed Africa Dancehall King is one of Ghana’s most kind-hearted artists right now, as he is always thinking about the people around him and how he can best help his friends and everyone close to him.

The Dancehall King swindlesWale just met popular Instagram celebrity Akuampem

Poloo and her son and decided to place a big smile on their faces.

He happily hugged the boy and also let one of his friends go and pick up some money for them.

In a video she shared herself on Instagram, Poloo could be heard screaming in excitement asking her daughter if he knows whom they just bump into. 

Akuapem Poloo couldn’t help but increase her excitement when The Shatta Movement Boss pull out some bundle of cash snd dash it to her kid.

Check out the video below.



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