Yudi Pineda sparked outrage all around the world after she decided that it was time for her to make a career change. She spent 8 long years training to become a sister in Colombia but she called it quits after she fell in love with a religious teacher. Yuri was 28 years old at the time that she quit her convent school and from there, she became a webcam girl before she finally made the big move of going into adult m*vies.

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The former Nun signed a multi-scene deal with one of the biggest adult m*vie companies known as Bangbr*s. According to the New York Post, Yudi is set to start acting in films that will include a convent-based theme just to incorporate her religious past into her newly found career. They said that her desire to share her beauty with her fans is very special.

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They said that her first scene with them showcases her passion and her faith as they collaborated a convent-based theme into the scene. They said that they have scenes that will definitely make her a household name. Yudi went into the convent school at the age of 10 after she was visited by nuns as a young girl. She said that she was very happy to be there until she fell in love with a religious teacher and then she decided to drop out of the school.

She went on to start a new life in Medellin where she was working for the Nestle company where she said she met Juan Bustos, a man that was recruiting girls for his adult webc*m business. She said that she was recruited, at first she felt bad but later she got used to it and felt happy, she said that she never misses any of her church services.

Pineda said that her priest tried to convince her not to go into her unusual new career but she did not listen to his advice. She refers to her new career as decent and artistic and she claims that there is nothing bad about it. She said that she enters into her scenes as decent as she can and she also emphasized that she does not miss her church service.

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