Following reports of her murder in Ghana, some enraged Americans descended on model Tiger Booty’s Instagram profile to criticize her.

They can’t believe Tyger Booty left her young daughter in America for prostitution in Ghana, per their assertions.

They pointed out that the model should not have flown all the way from the United States to Ghana for a fictitious call girl job when she is responsible for a child.

They have warned IG wh#res, though, to learn from Tyger Booty’s demise. Tyger Booty, an American Instagram model, was found dead in a hotel room in Ghana after a vacation with a Ghanaian billionaire.

Tyger Booty was believed to have taken a paid vacation to Accra to be a ‘runs girl’ for her millionaire pal and his friend at a party, but she was found dead in her hotel room.

Although the cause of her death remains unknown, some suspect foul play.

Also, the identity of the wealthy Ghanaian billionaire at the center of the controversy is unknown, though the article claims he has close ties to the NPP administration.

Tyger Booty had left her young daughter behind. Take a look at the image and screenshot below.

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