The 19-year-old son of the popular reggae singer known as Mavado, has been sentenced to life in prison. Dante Brooks was sentenced to life in prison for his involvement in the brutal m*rder of a man. Brooks was also given another 20-year sentence for the illegal possession of arms, another 15 years for arson. All the sentences will run concurrently.

Brooks was involved in the shooting of Lorenzo, along with four other members of his gang. They took the life of Lorenzo “Israel” Thomas at his residence, and also went on to set the property ablaze. Lorenzo’s father, who was present at the scene of the crime, said that he was lucky to flee the scene before they set the house ablaze.

Lorenzo’s father said that Brooks and his gang attempted to cut off the head of his son, but they stopped because their machete was too blunt. Brooks was already on bail for two other charges before he involved himself in the k*lling of Lorenzo. Obviously, maybe the boy was feeling invisible because his father is a star.

While sentencing Brooks, the judge said that the fact that brooks could still go on to commit such a crime, knowing that he already had two pending charges, means that he has no regard for the justice system. Brooks was previously in court for a case of violence and yet, he went on to k*ll someone.

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Although the justice admitted that Brooks was a Juvenile at the time that he committed the crime, he justified the sentence with a backing of what the law says. The judge said that Brooks is not remorseful for what he has done, despite the fact that one of his gang members has said that what they did to Mr Lorenzo was inhuman and no one should die in that manner.

The judge said that when they asked Brooks and his gang about the impact of what they had done, one of his fellow gang members said that he was sorry, but Brooks said that he was not guilty and the impact on the community and his relatives is not his fault.

The judge said that brooks had the opportunity to attend very good schools but yet, he still behaves in such an unpleasant manner. The judge said that it’s obvious that there must have been someone that wanted the head of Mr Lorenzo. Brooks will be eligible for parole after serving 22 years of his sentence, and parole doesn’t mean he’s going to be free because many paroles get denied.

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