Sam Kwabena SAFO JNR known by stage name SHOWBEZZY (AKA SHOWBOY), is a Ghanaian American rapper, singer ,record executive producer , dancer , actor / artiste ,entrepreneur and a promoter.

Showboy is a fashionista, He is the Founder of 2HYPEGANG also co-founder of AMGBUSINESS & Showboytv .

Showboy is a fashionista. Very controversial and dramatic, known for his blogs and outspoken ways, he has called his formal co-friend who is in the person of Chris Waddle with accusations of Criss waddle being a batty bwoy, which means a Gay person.

Screenshot Here:

You wonder why criss waddle chop about 36yrs and call Omar Sterling Daddy. You no do gay chat before errh 😂😂 Waddle De Batty Man

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