Rick Ross‘ recent interview on The 85 South Show left the hosts scratching their heads when the rapper walked out never to return.

Rozay appeared on a recent episode of the show which aired on Dec. 17. The interview with hosts DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean seems to be going well until around the 37-minute mark. After enthusiastically answering a question about his early singles “Hustlin” and “Push It,” Ross notifies the hosts he needs to take a leak. “Let me use the bathroom one time and Ima take this jacket off,” Ross says before taking a sip of his beverage and exiting the room.

A short time later, the hosts are notified by someone off camera that Rozay has exited the building and left. The woman then notifies the group that Ross had to catch a flight. “Why he ain’t just say that?” DC Young Fly questions.

“I just found out,” the person answers.

From there, the hosts are left to offer hilarious commentary about what just transpired. “That nigga the Phantom of the Opera,” Chico jokes.

“How he just gon’ disappear like that? We ain’t even say bye or nothing,” DC jokes. “

Rick Ross is making his media rounds after releasing his latest album, Richer Than I Ever Been on Dec. 10. Unfortunately for Ross, the LP under performed sales wise, with its first week sales being the Miami rapper’s lowest of his 15-year career. The low sales caused a viral moment on Twitter after 50 Cent fans clowned the MMG head honcho over the subpar numbers last week.

Check out the awkward moment when Ross walked out of the 85 South interview below.

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