This morning, Grand P took to social media to warn Congolese musician, Roga Roga. This came about after the latter was seen in a closed-up photo with Grand P’s girlfriend, Eudoxie Yao.

According to Grand P, he’s warning Roga Roga never to in his life get that close to his wife, else, the next time he’ll do so might end up badly for him.

In his words, Grand P wrote: “My brother Roga Roga I have enormous respect for you and all the Congolese people… But the track you want to borrow is not favorable for you, do not have fun getting close to my wife otherwise I will react very badly it’s a warning thank you 🙏 🙏 🙏


Roga Roga got Grand P’s message and has responded accordingly.

We think this would make Grand P more angry because he is even holding Eudoxie more closer to his body.

Let us wait to see what Grand P would say about this!

Source: vimbuzz

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