Afia Schwarzenegger triggered Mercy Asiedu and her production crew with by tagging them us uncultured and uncivilized.

Their only crime which got Afia Schwarzenegger to disrespect them was wearing jacket on their way to Dubai for holidays.

As a sign of showing gratitude, actress and producer Mercy Asiedu took 13 members of her movie production company to Dubai for 10 days holiday at 5 star hotel.

Video of them at the Kotoka International Airport wearing jacket got Afia Schwarzenegger to do a video mock them of being uncivilized for wearing jackets to Dubai.

This video has triggered some of the crew to respond with insults aimed at the socialite.

One woman replied her that their hard work funded their trip to Dubai unlike Afia Schwarzenegger who have to expose her private part for money.

Source: ghsplash

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