What if I tell you that the girl on the left is Brooke, and that she is three years older than her sister, Carly, who is the girl on the right, carrying Brooke?.

Brooke Greenberg stopped aging since she was a little girl. Nobody knows the kind of disease that she’s suffering from and the disease doesn’t have a name yet. She has baffled many scientists for decades because of her weird medical condition. Doctors did lots of tests and countless number of studies, but still could not detect the cause of her disease.

She only grew for a short period of time and then she stopped growing, and remained like that for twenty good years. The only thing that kept growing in her body, is her hair and her fingernails, but her mind remained the same as a baby.

Doctors finally concluded that she had something special inside her gene, that gives her a very slow aging process. Unfortunately, she mysteriously died at the age of 20. She was killed by an unexplained disease that the doctors could not understand.

She was born on the 8th of January 1993, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

She died on the 24th of October 2013, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Date of her burial was: 27th of October 2013

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