Ghanaian songstress Sista Afia has revealed that she doesn’t mind sharing her significant other with any other woman.

In an interview with MzGee, Sista Afia disclosed that she was ready to share her ‘Papa No'(spouse) with any other woman. According to her, some women have personal reasons for their actions. So she doesn’t blame women who follow rich billionaires.

“If you come and you are being a good boy, we can be good together. You know, when you are doing something in terms of seeing another lady, you let me know. I am cool,” she added.

During the interview, she was referred to a tweet she made wishing men who keep one woman successful. She explained why she tweeted, “Men with one girlfriend, may you become billionaires this year.” She responded by saying that although cheating men will repent soon, it would be nice to enjoy absolute monogamy.

“If every man has one girlfriend, we won’t have the ‘Papa No’ situation. We won’t have this one, and this one fighting over somebody, do you understand? Even though I know it is not possible, but that is what I wish. That’s all.”

She also added that money is usually a big motivator of people’s actions. And hence, would blame women for wanting to cash in with a wealthy man.

“But I don’t blame women. Money can make you do anything. When you have the money, you can do anything. I don’t blame women. Money is the root of all evil ampa.”

Source: ||Ghana

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