People always say that a picture is more powerful than any amount of words that can be said. Powerful photos are pictures that have either deep happy meanings behind them, or deep sad meanings behind them. Below are some of the most powerful photos in the world.

13) Many Falling To His Death In The September 11th Bomb Blast

The September 11 bomb blast that happened in the United States was a very scary experience for many people. This man decided to jump to his own death.

12) Missionary And A Starving Boy

This is a heartbreaking photo that was taken by a missionary, with a African child.

11) Last Surviving Veteran


This is Belarus Konstantin Pronin, an 86 years old World War II veteran. Himself and members of his unit usually meet up here every year, but on this particular year, he was the only person that showed up. The rest have passed away.

10) Heart Surgeons Exhausted After 23 Hours Of A Successful Heart Transplant.

Cc: James Stanfield

This is a touching photo of two heart surgeons after they successfully concluded a heart transplant surgery. His partner is sleeping in the corner.

09) Go In Peace

This man passed away while he was waiting for a train at the Shanxi Taiyuan Train Station, China. He died due to natural causes. This monk prays for him.

08) Hard To Say Goodbye

This 12 year old Brazilian young boy known as Diego Frazão Torquato, couldn’t hold his tears as he played the violin at his teachers funeral, who helped him escaped poverty and violence through music.

07) Sad


This girl is very devastated, after tsunami hit Japan in the year 2011, and destroyed so many things and claimed lives.

06) Pain

Cc: Nhat V. Meyer

This young man was just told by the police that he’s brother has been k*lled.

05) The Alcoholic Father

This little boy is trying to wake up his alcoholic father.

04) We Can Co-Exist

Christians gather to protect the Muslims as they pray in Egypt during the 2011 uprising.

3)Last Embrace

Cc: Taslima Akhter

A Couple found dead in the rubble of a collapsed building..


Cc: Brian Sokol

This 29 years old man known as Hhaing The Yu, holds his face as he cries bitterly, after losing his home to a cyclone that struck southern Myanmar, which claimed more than 100,000 lives and left millions of people homeless.

1) Hard To Say Goodbye

A dog sits and waits for his master for the second say in a row, after his master passed away in the terrible landslide that happened in Brazil.

Source: naijatatafoblog

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