Snoop Dogg speaks about his time with DMX, and how his death affected him.

Snoop Dogg turned 50 this year, but the Hip-Hop legend is making more music than ever, and also giving a lot of interviews, reflecting on his career, and unveiling some unknown stories. The West Coast legend now becomes the latest star to the GQmagazine, also had an insightful conversation where he looks back on his career and forward to his next phase, as the creative consultant and executive of Def Jam.

Snoop Dogg had a close relationship with DMX, with whom he had a VERZUZ battle last year, straight from his studio. “Well, after the Verzuz, I let him use my studio for one night, and it felt so good, him being here, me being here,” he said. “It felt like a brotherhood that was finally caught up on. Two brothers that hadn’t spent time with each other, and they’re finally able to sit down and marinate. I started cooking for them ni**as every day.” “What were you making them, Snoop?” he was asked. “Short ribs, rice and gravy, cornbread. I was living in the kitchen. I said, ‘Boy, you’re going to be fat’,” responds Snoop.

“I’m from the hood. My mama raised me right,” Snoop Dogg on how he learned to cook. “Learned how to take care of myself. I got a lot of cars too, and DMX liked old-school cars. DMX liked old-school music. “Is that a muthaf**kin’ 1976?” “Is that muthaf**kin’ Aretha Franklin you playing?” “Yeah, n***a. Get in the car, n***a. Sit in the car. Which one you want, X?” “Don’t say that, Dogg, don’t say that sh*t to me. You know I’ll take all these muthaf**kers.” We stand outside, looking at the cars, the music playing. It’s a vibe with me and him. We were the same people. He was just more excited than me, but we were both the life of the party. See, when we did Verzuz, we didn’t step on each other’s toes; we complemented each other. People thought it was a dog fight, but it was a brotherhood of two n***as that really loved each other, celebrating their music and their careers.”

DMX, the legendary MC passed away earlier this year at the age of 50, due to multiple organ failure after a drug-induced heart attack. The “Algorithm” rapper was asked about how he received the news of DMX’s death. “It broke my heart, man. It actually did,” he said. “It was just one of those feelings where it breaks your heart and you can’t cry. I wanted to cry, but then I started thinking, This man prayed for everybody other than himself. Publicly, behind closed doors, rehabilitated or not. Kept God with him and always cared about you. Always. We saw him alone; we knew he was a little bit on something, because he looked off beat. But when he put that prayer together, it all came back to the beat. Once DMX passed away, he was where he needed to be. Because he always prayed for others. That means he was an angel, so God needed his angel back. He came here, he spread love, he showed you that prayer was cool. That’s his legacy. The music’s great, the spirit and all that, but the prayer, his angel ability, is what didn’t allow me to cry for my friend.”

Check out the full interview here on GQ.

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