A man whose full name is yet to be identified was spotted on Monday, December 6, walking briskly in an attempt to get his child to school on foot.

He had to settle for this option because of the strike action that was undertaken by the Ghana Public Road Transport Union (GPRTU) in order for the government to reduce the hike in fuel prices.

A photo of the man was taken and it ended up going viral on social media as many people admired his resilience and hard work.

It has emerged that a group has decided to purchase a brand new car for the hardworking man to aid in his movement from place to place.

Kenneth Awotwe Darko, a multimedia journalist announced this on his Twitter handle, @TheKennethDarko, to the amazement of many.

“Y’all remember this man who has become the poster boy for yesterday’s drivers’ protest as he carried his little girl to school? Well, today a group wants to buy him a CAR. Kindly RT to help us locate him,” he said.

See his post below

SOURCE: yen.com

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