Kwame A Plus regards Sarkodie’s tweet commiserating with commuters when commercial drivers went on strike as a hypocritical way of tackling the issue. And even goes on to call the rapper a ‘liar’ who wants to look good before the sitting president and government.

Yesterday, commercial drivers declared a nationwide strike which left commuters stranded at the bus stops across the country.

Amongst public figures who spoke up, Sarkodie received the most heat for his tweet, which seemed not to have delivered the message.

On his official Twitter handle, Sarkodie wrote, “The people are going through it!!! We always do !!! All we ask for is the right environment to hustle/ be productive.”

But A Plus thinks the tweet smacked off hypocrisy as he analyzed that the wording appeared too soft for the intensity of the issue. He made his displeasure known in a Facebook post where he called out Sarkodie for treating ex-president Mahama unfairly.

“The hypocrisy….. During John Mahama time as president, the hardship was caused by his incompetence abi? Now there is serious hardship under Akufo Addo. Instead of telling him the truth, you added, ‘We always do’ to make you look good before them.

“When you spoke about hardship under John Mahama, didn’t ‘We always do?’ Or we were living in San Diego before he became president?” A-plus concluded.


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