His mother plans to use dollars raised from a GoFundMe campaign as seed money.

Antwain Fowler, who went viral for asking “Where we bout to eat at?”, could be honored by a restaurant his mother plans on opening.

According to TMZ, Christina Burns says that the GoFundMe page created in March to help cover Fowler’s medical expenses has reached $74,000 and wants to use some of the funds to create a restaurant in her late son’s honor.

Fowler passed away last Sunday (November 21) at the age of six. It isn’t clear how the young boy passed away, however he was diagnosed with autoimmune enteropathy, had more than 25 surgeries, and was hospitalized numerous times.

Burns says she would name the restaurant “Where We Bout To Eat At?” after her late son’s viral phrase. She adds that the $22,000 raised will be put toward opening the business while the rest will go to Antwain’s hospital bills and other family expenses.

As far as menu items go, Burns says it’ll feature seafood, chicken and more with titles Fowler used to say, like “You Have Cheese Like Me” mozzarella sticks.

Burns is also seeking assistance to help run certain aspects of the restaurant.

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