Few months back, rapper DaBaby was criticised by members of the LGBTQ group for a comment he made on stage. Since then the rapper has experienced some downturn in his musical career as some of his booked shows were cancelled among many other blocked opportunities.

Just recently, CEO of the LGBTQ group stated that DaBabby has been given an “ignorance” pass but Chapelle is no “closer” for forgiveness. According to them, the rapper “learned a lot over the past few months” and now they have granted him the green light to continue performing.

Liberal ‘Cancel Culture’ has been criticised by many people as anti-free speech and a tool to mute opposing views.

In Africa, some political analysts argue that even though ‘woke’ liberal groups are not very influential on the ground; threats of aid withholding, trade barriers, travel bans are other forms of ‘Cancel Culture’ on a global stage.

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